A Rescue Ranch Christmas

Everyone’s gathered near Henry’s pig sty with hopes to see Santa ride his sleigh through the sky. The night was like magic for everyone there until Scottie the Skunk left his scent in the air. But the spirit of Christmas was upbeat and strong and it changed all their hearts so they all got along. Written in rhyme, author Mark Albini tells the story of what happened to Bobo the Mouse on Christmas Eve on the Rescue Ranch.

Sammy the Snake

After missing the catch, Freddie the Fish, Sammy the Snake goes searching through the fog for something to eat. When he smells Phillip the Frog off in the distance he makes an attempt to sneak up on the frog but learns he is not the only one there. Sammy learns that he needs to be smart and use all his skills if he ever expects to be successful.

Terry and Freddie

Against the wishes of Freddie’s mother, both Terry the Turtle and Freddie the Fish play hooky from school to race one another. But what should have been a simple race between two friends becomes a nightmare when an uninvited guest, Sammy the Snake, attacks Freddie during the race. Both Terry and Freddie learn there are consequences when you don’t listen to your mother.

Ricky and Bobo

Ricky the Rabbit and Bobo the Mouse sneak away from their homes to go foraging for food. They build a boat from a piece of bark and barely escape from the lake with their lives. They learned the hard lesson that things can go terribly wrong when you sneak out of the house.

Jimmy the Giraffe

Jimmy the Giraffe learns to be happy with who he is and that he shouldn’t try to be somebody else. After listening to some good advice from Bobo the Mouse, Jimmy the Giraffe learns that the grass is not always greener in the other side.